Thanks for checking out my site! I am a full time missionary at Grace English School in Assam, India. My daughter, Lori Lewis and I founded this ministry back in 2007. Our hope is that the children we serve within our school walls will learn not only to be a productive member of India society, but learn how deeply loved by God they truly are!

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Carol and Lori

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Thanks so much for visiting my site! My name is Carol Alexander and as of 2018 I am 78 year old widow and heading to live and work full-time in India! It may seem odd to you that a woman of my age would make such a choice but my hope is after looking through my site you will have a better understanding of my heart for these students and staff at Grace English School.


My goal here is to acquaint you the ministry of Grace English School in Assam India and share my heart and love for this ministry. You might ask how did this all get started? You can print/view a copy of our ministry brochure by following this link: Grace English Brochure. In it you will find our history, vision, goals, board member and giving info. I hope you find it helpful.

You might be asking....
Why did I decide to work full-time at our school in India?

After working in Women's Ministry for over 25 years I felt the Lord leading me to make a dramatic, life altering change.  I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to retire from my job and work full-time at Grace English School. This school was started through our Learning to Hope organization. LTH was started by my daughter and I back in 2003. For years we had been raising funds for children in India to attend school free of charge but in 2013 this ministry evolved into all our efforts being focused at Grace English School. The school had been started by a local missionary and his team with Learning to Hope children attending. But we soon realized it needed our full attention and financial focus. It was the right choice and it is now a thriving institution. Learn more here...

But let's get back to my decision process...On one hand it was an easy decision to obey the Holy Spirits leading but on the other hand, to be perfectly honest, it was a crazy thought to me. Many questions ran through my mind; God, how would I support myself? Would my family be supportive? Will I be safe? Will I be accepted? What if I miss my family too much? After many months of praying about these and many other concerns I came to one final conclusion. I was more concerned about not obeying my Heavenly Father then all the details that I could choose to turn over into his loving care. Once I committed to obedience His peace came over me and He took care of all the details. We serve an amazing God!

How did this ministry begin?

One opportunity that dramatically altered the course of my life was in the year 2000 when I took my first trip to Gangtok India. The Lord put a deep love in my heart for the people of India. As you know I have returned many times since over the years, with my ministry involvement increasing each visit.

On my third trip, I took my daughter Lori and her daughter Ashley with me. At that time we became aware of the need for quality, free education for children. Many children are sold or used to repay family debt and find themselves victims of human trafficking. It was the local missionary’s experience that children who could read and write were less likely to find themselves victimized in such a horrible way. We started with one girl, her name was Pushpa. We gave the missionary money for her to attend school. Soon we found other people willing to do the same for other children victimized in similar manners. This ultimately became the ministry we call Learning to Hope. Grace English School falls under the Learning to Hope ministry and is supported by individual donations and First Baptist Church of Lodi, California.

Where will I live?

I will be staying with my long time friend and family Sanu and his wife Senti. They have two wonderful children Johnathan and Grace as well as Sanu's Father loving known as "Papa." Sanu is also a Grace English School employee. I have known him for over 10 years. They are a precious family that loves Jesus with all their hearts. They live within walking distance to the school which makes it very convenient.They have allocated a lovely bedroom for me and it even has hot water, a shower and a western toilet!

How long will I be there?

My plan for January 2018 is to devote most of my year in service to our school. My visa allows for me to stay up to 6 months at a time, then I must leave India for 10 days and then I am permitted to return. This will allow me to be at the school for most of the school year, leaving to come home 2-3 months out of the year. I do this with the blessing of the Learning to Hope Board and First Baptist Church of Lodi will be my sending church.

Will you raise support?

Yes! After I retire from my job as Directory of Women's Ministries at FBC Lodi, I will only have my social security to live on. Consequently, I will be fundraising and looking for prayer and financial partners to fill the gap.

Is my family supportive of my decision?

Yes! I am very grateful that my family want me to follow God's call on my life and are trusting Him with this new season.

The Mission...

Reaching the most vulnerable of North East India

with hope, education and the love of Christ.

Grace English School Students
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Grace English School

Assam, India

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Grace English School Students
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