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Much To Celebrate!

Ephesians 2: 10 “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Good Morning from Khat Khati, Assam. It is a nice cool morning. I am thankful for this since before long the warm days will soon be here. My trip was VERY long. I was so happy to see Sanu’s new car which made the 3 1/2 hour drive from the airport a bit more comfortable. I was exhausted when I arrived, but my strength was renewed when we drove into the yard of Sanu’s and all the neighbors and friends were waiting to welcome me to my new home. Nothing like a few good hugs of welcome to renew the energy.

As many of you know Indian food has never been my favorite. But I determined I would be adventuresome and try new things. Sanu and Senti are wonderful cooks and I have enjoyed everything they have made so far. As I type Sanu is making me some Chi Coffee. Yes that is right Chi Coffee, I have learned to enjoy it and look forward to our coffee breaks. After lunch it is rest time!!!! that means everything and everyone shuts down for a couple of hours. I am learning that is also a good time to spend in HIS word.

I have been busy settling into my room. Things run at a much slower pace here, Unless you are a child of course and then it is like home, full steam ahead. I am learning to take time to just listen to what God has for me as I think about His plans for our school and my time here.

We had two big events to celebrate this week. Sanu and Senti (who I live with) celebrated their 9th Wedding Anniversary! What a fun time! We had a store bought cake and KFC now that is a BIG deal!

Our second joy was Raju (one of our teachers)

and his wife welcomed a precious baby girl.

Lots of celebrating around here!

Today was the day to build Sanu a garage for his new car. It was amazing to watch the progress by the end of the day there was a garage.!! You can see the pictures of the progress. Looks just like yours right? LOL!

School has not started yet for our children, but Ravi, Sanu and the teachers are all busy getting children registered and the school cleaned up. Saturday all of us will start painting the walls of the lunch room and kitchen. We have been meeting with contractors about some things that need to be done to meet the requirements of the government so we can be registered.

Sunday I will be bringing the message at church. I will be speaking from I Corinthians 11:17-33. We will study about communion for a few weeks and in February we will share the Lord’s Supper together for the first time as a church. Please pray for me and the church to hear God’s words.


My travel went smoothly all the way from San Francisco to Assam.

I have adjusted to the time difference quickly

My room is perfect and I feel comfortable and at home.

I have internet most of the time.


As I stated we have several requirements from the government that need to be met for us to receive our certificate of registration.

  1. We need a clean place to store the food for the kitchen and a separate Head Master’s office from the school proper. The men had the foresight to add an extra over hang off the lunch room, so we can add the storage and office in the front of the lunch room. If you would like to help with this the cost is appx. $2,500.

  2. We need clean water for the school! Several years ago a well was dug, but it was not done right and is not producing clean water. Cost of new well and good pump. $565.00

  3. The long awaited Electricity!!!! We have approval!! Cost for installation is appx. $1,300.00

  4. 12 ceiling fans for the classrooms at $40.00 each =$480.00

If you feel God leading you to help with any of the above projects in all or in part you can talk to anyone on the LTH board or send me an email. You can also just write a check to First Baptist Church Lodi and in the memo portion put the project and the account #20-807AA.

I am blessed by each one of you have chosen to take this journey with me and love hearing from all of you!!

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