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Trust in the Lord!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

As I look back on the month of March and head into April, I am realizing just how fast my time here in Assam is going. March has been a month of finding out new things about myself. Some good and some not so good.

I have been reminded repeatedly what my sweet Godly mom would tell each of us in the weeks before she went home to Glory. “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and that is all.” She was a woman who spent many hours praying for missionaries and her family, reading her Bible and being a good example to each of us to simply trust in the Lord and things would work out for HIS glory.

Early in the month we celebrated both Gabier (our headmaster’s son) and Sanu’s birthdays. Since coming to Assam, our little neighborhood family has celebrated a birthday every month. We love this time of honoring everyone on their special day. I am not sure this is something this culture does often, but you know me, I am always up for a party! I think this is one of the American traditions that just might catch on here.

The middle of March we drove to Nepal to visit Pastor Raman and Asha Chettri. I accomplished three things; I had the privilege of sharing the gospel, visiting good friends and got a stamp on my passport that said I visited another country. This trip ended up being a bit more exciting than we originally planned. We started out at 3am, drove 12 hours to Siliguri to a hotel for the night, upon checking into the hotel, I realized I had left my passport in the copier back at the house! I had a copy with me, which was fine for the hotel, but would not get me out of India or into Nepal. “Trust in the Lord” I reminded myself and my amazing team of people went to work!!! Robi (our headmaster) was still back home. He got the passport from the copier, got on a train for an all-night ride to Siliguri to bring me the passport, we met at the train station, he gave me my passport and he got on the next train home, so he could be home to take his wife to the Doctor the next day. We were now free to head off to Nepal!

My time in Nepal was amazing! It was wonderful to see what God has done to build this little church. I remembered it well in its infancy and now, 3 years later, God has grown it into a thriving congregation of believers.

The week after getting home from Nepal, Robi’s wife had surgery on her knee to remove a tumor. She had dealt with fear about having this surgery for several years. After much prayer and lots of conversations together, she agreed to have it done. I promised to be by her side the whole time even if it meant going into the operating room. I cannot even begin to tell you about the medical situation in India, let me just say, BE THANKFUL FOR OUR MEDICAL CARE IN THE UNITED STATES!!

Her surgery was challenging for Lahki, the family and everyone concerned but it did open doors to visiting with the neighborhood ladies when they came to visit her after the surgery. I am praying for more opportunities to spend with them and grow new relationships.

Another neat Indian tradition is a celebration around the naming of a new baby. In India they do not name the baby until he or she is 8 days old. It is a special day of celebrating God’s blessing of new life. Recently, I had the joy of going to a my second “baby naming”. It was such a joy to celebrate with all my new friends the gift of a new child.

I recently discovered one of the big reasons God has sent me here. When you trust in the Lord, He will show you many new and unexpected opportunities. After spending most of my life in Women’s Ministry God has opened the door to hands-on Children’s ministry! I am now teaching 3 and 4-year-old boys and girls every day. They make my day so exciting and fun. It took them a few weeks to realize I was going to be around, and that I did love them and wanted to be there with them. Most of them have never seen a white person who talks a funny language, but bit by bit we are all learning to understand each other. They love touching my white arms and hands and find my gray hair very interesting. This may seem small, but I almost cried the day one sweet child came up and ask me to tie his shoe. They really were afraid of me and I had to earn their trust. I am happy to say, since then have tied many shoes, tucked in many shirts, buckled many belts and cuddle many little ones on my lap. I must ask for wisdom every morning before going into the classroom and each day I am learning new ways to communicate with them. I am enjoying the challenge that each new day brings.

Celebrating Easter was different this year and at the same time so meaningful. We do not have all the candy, bunnies and other distractions here. Everything was centered on Christ and what He did for us on the cross. I also had the awesome opportunity of speaking to our small local assembly of believers, which I have been doing since arriving, what an honor!

We also had the pleasure of celebrating Lahki’s birthday on Easter evening. We all went to Lakhi’s home for dinner and birthday cake, and it was extra special when several people from the neighborhood joined in the celebration.


I want to thank all of you who helped to make our special projects a success. Whether with finances or prayer. Here is what has been completed due to your generosity:

  • We have electricity, which allowed us to put ceiling fans and lights installed in all the classrooms! This is such a blessing since the heat and humidity has really kicked in this week.

  • Our Storage room for cooking supplies is complete.

  • The Headmaster’s office is done except for paint and furniture.

  • Our Water Well is working great!!

Prayer Request

  • I am preparing 4 messages for a conference I will be a part of on May 5th & 6th. There will be about 300 women attending. Please pray that I can communicate well, and the women hear what God has prepared to say specifically to each of them.

  • Even now, I am making plans for when I return home to meet with several people and churches who are interested in our ministry here at Grace English School. I want to be able to communicate our work here and need to find time to prepare for that as well. If any of you are interested in some one-on-one time, I would love to share with any of you that might be interested in knowing more about Grace English School and our ministry.

  • Please pray for our staff. Many of them come from very bad home situations and only Jesus can truly give them the hope they deeply need.


If you would like to contribute to our ministry. No gift is to0 small! Your donations go far in India!

To join in support of this meaningful ministry and give to our many school needs you can send a check made out to:

First Baptist Church

267 N Mills Ave, Lodi, CA 95242

Memo: LEARNING TO HOPE (include this account number) #20-807aa



Designate in the drop down box:

Learning to Hope (c) 20-807aa

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