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We Are Registered!!!!

This has been a busy time, with so much happening over the last few weeks since my last blog.

THE MOST EXCITING THING TO REPORT IS: GRACE ENGLISH SCHOOL IS NOW REGISTERED WITH THE GOVERNMENT!!!!! After several months for waiting and many trips back and forth to Dephu, where the Education Department for the government is, we got the paperwork last Friday the 10th of May!!! We are praising Jesus and celebrating God’s favor on our school.

Today, I am realizing it is almost time to head home to the US. I will leave Khatkati, Assam on May 24 and head to Kolkata and catch my plane for home the evening of the 25th. As I sat in church this morning I realized this would be my last service until September when I return. It seems like I was just preparing to leave home and head to India a few days ago and now I am deciding what I will leave here and what I need to take home with me.

I have loved teaching and learning with my little class of children, it has been a journey building trust and getting to know who Oma (grandma) is and that she loves them. We now spend lots of time laughing and learning. Teaching active 3-4 years old’s is a challenge and I am so glad God gave me the opportunity to teach them, I will miss them all when I leave and look forward to September when we are back together again.

I mentioned in my last blog that Lakhi was going to have surgery and we were praying for a good outcome. We are praising the Lord!!!! She has made a complete recovery and no cancer!!! She is now back at school teaching every day and the report came back she was CANCER FREE!!! During her recovery she and I took several walks around our small village. The Dr. said she needed to walk so her knee would heal and she would not walk with a limp. It was so fun to meet new people and families of some to the children who attend our school.

I did go to the conference the first weekend in May. I found out two weeks before the conference they had put me on the program to speak 5 times not 3 and two of them were for the men and women. I made some adjustment to some of my messages and came up with an additional one. Thankfully God revealed to me what to share very quickly and I ended up having a great time in God’s word.

Friday night I was the opening night speaker. When I got up to speak I realized the translator was a young man from the worship team. Turns out he had never done any interpreting. For those of you who have had to speak in a foreign country you know how important the interpreter is! He was so nervous he could hardly translate. All I could do was ask God to help people understand what this sweet young man is trying to translate. Speaking with a translator is always a challenge, but when you have a young Christian who is very nervous it is a BIG challenge.

During my time speaking I realized I was beginning to lose my voice, by the next morning it was pretty much all gone. I was able to speak two more times (with a new and great interpreter) in the morning before my voice was completely gone!!! Not even a microphone could help. So sadly, I had to leave and head for home. Despite all the challenges of that weekend, it turned out to be a sweet time for all of us. And thank-you Lord, people shared what God had showed them from the three messages I did get to share.

This month I have also experienced the worst storm I have ever been in. It was a quiet afternoon, Senti, Aunty and I were home alone. Sanu was on the way home from Dimapur, he had picked the children up from school. All the sudden it got very dark and the wind started blowing and the rain came down hard. By the time the storm had passed parts of our fencing were down and all of Robi’s fences had been blown over. I was so thankful that we were safe and living in a strong home.

Many people were not that fortunate. The people across from us lost the roof of their home, and many people lost their homes entirely. Several of our students either lost their homes and everything in it or had a lot of damage to their home. It has continued to rain every day until yesterday. We are so grateful that the school had no damage except some water in the kitchen storage room. We were without power for more than 10 days.

We finally pooled our money and bought a generator big enough to supply power to our house, Robi’s house and the school. This way we were able to get the water pumps working to fill the tanks, some fans going in the heat, and have some power for a few hours at a time. The Generator of course was an unexpected expense. It cost us $750.00 Us dollars. If you would like to help with this expense it would be greatly appreciated.

Today was Mother’s Day for us, it has been a day of great fun and blessings. All the moms received gifts today, and the men cooked lunch and after service we all eat lunch together. This afternoon I was surprised with a visit from a dear friend from several years ago. Khehuli Kedmi, she was my interpreter for some women’s conferences we did several years ago. We had the best time catching up on each other’s lives since we had last seen each other. As a Mother’s Day gift, she brought me a WONDERFUL Black Forest cake!!!!! My day has been full of joy and love.

Next Sunday, I will be go to Raju’s (one of our Teachers) village to speak at his church. I am looking forward to my time with this great group of believers who are trying to build a fellowship in their community.

This summer will be busy. I’m in Texas in June as I am going to my granddaughter Emma’s graduation. My Son and granddaughter Caroline both will have birthdays while I am there, so we will have a wonderful time I am sure. I will also go to Rhode Island, to visit family and share about my ministry at a church there. My granddaughter Emma will return to India with me in September to spend some time at the school ministering and serving the kids. Finally, several people and churches have asked me to come and share about Grace English School. I look forward to sharing what God is doing at the school. If you would like to get together I will be happy to share more about my life in India.


1. God has blessed me with good health and energy this past four months

2. I have a wonderful family here in Assam who have welcomed me into their home as a member of their family

3. I have a group of friends that are like family that I get to share life with here

4. Our school is doing great!


1. Please Pray as I will be finishing up my role with school over the next 11 days

2. Prayers as I prepare for my summer schedule

3. Prayers as Emma and I make plans for her time here in September

4. Prayers for funds to cover the unexpected expense of the generator for school and home

5. Prayers as I travel home starting on the May 24th


If you would like to contribute to our ministry. No gift is to0 small! Your donations go far in India!

To join in support of this meaningful ministry and give to our many school needs you can send a check made out to:

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