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She's Back!

Isaiah 27:12

Lord, you will grant us peace, for all we have accomplished is really from you.

I arrived home to the United States May 26th and it’s great to be home! Recently, I have thought a lot about what God has been doing in the last year of my life. It has caused me to stop and thank the Lord for the amazing privilege to be called to this ministry. I continually ask Him to let others see Him in me. Photo below is from Foundation Day, which is a day each year we recognize the beginning of Grace English School. This is our entire staff as well as the Village Chief (center in first row) and Secretary (second from left first row). It was an honor to have them at our special day! We celebrated 11 years of Grace English School! Wow! What a privilege to be there for this awesome day!

It has started out to be a busy summer. Renewing old friendships, visiting family, and getting caught up with Dr appointments. I have had several opportunities to share about the school and what my life is like in India. Photo below is me and two friends from Texas, sharing my heart, hearing how God is working in their lives and laughing a lot!

I spent the first couple of weeks of June in Texas with family and friends and had the joy of celebrating my granddaughter Caroline and my son John’s birthday while in Texas. We also celebrated the graduation of my granddaughter Emma from High School. She will be postponing attending College for now and will instead return with me to India serving at the school. We are very excited to be planning and preparing for our ministry time together.

Emma and I (seen here) will leave September 6th for India and we will be there until the end of November.

In August I will head to the east coast and spend time with family, but also have appointments with people/church who are interested in the school and the ministry. I would love to meet with any of you if you want to grab a cup of coffee or a meal.

Things I am enjoying at home:

  1. Being with my family again

  2. Eating familiar foods that I missed while being gone

  3. Sharing about my time in India

  4. Opportunities to tell people about Grace English School who have not heard about it

Things I am missing right now in India:

  1. I love each morning when I get to pray with Jonathan and Grace before they head off to school

  2. Sharing tea time with our teachers each morning at school

  3. My 12 little kiddos in my class who are so full of life and love

  4. Playing outside with the kids after school and being the referee during competitive games with the neighborhood kids

  5. Sunday after church when we go to each other’s homes for a time of prayer and sharing and of course, a cup of tea


  1. I am excited! We now have our school registered with the state of Assam, India!!! This is such a blessing and a huge accomplishment

  2. We are enjoying the newly installed electricity that provided lights and ceiling fans in all the classrooms and lunch room. I wish you all could have seen the eyes of the children light up when for some of them they experienced lights and fans for the first time. Most of the children live in homes that do not have electricity which makes their school and new and thrilling experience

  3. New Pump for the well

  4. New water filter which means cleaner water


  1. For our LTH BOARD as we plan for the future needs of Grace English School

  2. Emma sent in all her paperwork for her visa this week. Please pray it will go through the process without problems and she will be granted a visa

  3. For continued finances for me as I prepare for my continued time in India

  4. That Emma will meet her financial goals for her trip

I want to thank each of you who have supported me with prayers and finances, I know I could not continue to do this ministry without all of you in my life.


If you would like to contribute to our ministry. No gift is too small! Your donations go far in India!

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