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Airports, Spices and Sunday School..oh my!

"And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.’ 2 Corinthians 9:8

Wow!!! We made it to India!! We did have a few challenges along the way. Our trip started out great, we went out to dinner with Pastor Glen, Jani and Andrew Barnes before they drove us San Francisco. We had our last yummy hamburger until we return to the states the end of November.

We arrived at the airport around 8 pm, plenty of time for our flight at 11:30pm! After waiting a few hours, they opened the counter for check-in. We were first in line and quickly put our luggage on the scale for check-in. The woman behind the counter gave me a strange look and informed me our flight had left at 11:30am. THAT MORNING!! Ya just gotta love military time! The lady called another lady over and they went to work booking us on an upcoming flight leaving at 1:15am. We gladly paid the $100 each to re-book our flight, thanked the ladies at the counter for being so gracious, headed through security and to our gate to wait for our flight. This new flight was going to take us longer, but we were o.k. with that since at least we were heading to India and would make our other connections.

So, 15 hours later we arrived in Hong Kong to transfer to our next flight to Singapore. As we were heading to the new security gate I realize I have lost my next two boarding passes. Fortunately, there was a Singapore Airline help desk right there and she reprinted my boarding passes!! My guess is that I was not the first person to lose their pass, since they put the desk so close to security. All was good and five hours later we arrived at the Singapore Airport. After a 9-hour layover we boarded our 5-hour flight to Kolkata. YES, we finally made it to Kolkata with grateful hearts! After a well needed shower and a good night sleep, we had a wonderful buffet breakfast at the hotel and headed back to the airport for our final flight to Dimapur!!

Upon arriving in Dimapur, we were so excited to see our welcome committee at the airport!! Sanu and Senti Kharel,and Robi, Lakhi and Vikash Mech!!! We loaded up the luggage and headed to our India home.

We were welcomed with HOT!!!!! STICKY WEATHER!!!! They keep telling us it will cool down soon. It was great to see everyone and to pick up where I left off last May.

The first two weeks of school were exam weeks, so the school schedule has been a bit different. But by next week we will be back to our regular school classes. Emma has adjusted beautifully to her new surroundings and ministry. The children at school call her Miss Emma and Jonathan and Grace (Sanu’s children) call her sister Emma. They are very excited to have a “new sister” in the house

It was a busy first week, we went to a birthday party, Emma and Vikash led their first Sunday School class with 54 kids in attendance and we went to Dimapur to get Emma some “Indian clothes.” This was a new adventure for Emma and NOT a Texas shopping experience. Lots of traffic everywhere, at one point we were crossing the street and Sanu held up his hand for a car to stop, of course the car did not stop, so Sanu gave his back fender a not so gentle tap!! My thought was in the US that would have ended in some kind of fight, but the car just kept going and we continued across the street. Such is life in India.

Emma is enjoying the Indian food and they love cooking for her because she likes the spice. Today she learned to eat with her hand. This is not an easy task, I know most of us keep telling our kids to use their fork or spoon, but in India it is all about eating properly with your right hand. She has even had a few cooking lessons from Senti, since she wants to be able to cook these dishes when she returns to Texas. Senti and Emma have connected on the beauty treatments, first pure mustard oil treatments for the hair and last night facials.

Earlier this week we had a big rain storm, which left us without power for most of the night and into late afternoon. It continues to go on and off at will. We are so thankful for the generator we bought last spring after the big storm. Even though it is loud I am happy to hear it because it means we have some power.

My classroom of children are getting used to having me back again. I missed their smiles and fun antics, it’s a new trick every day!! They always bring such joy to my heart and re affirm our LTH mission. These smiles are what it’s all about!!!

I am again reminded of God’s grace and provision each and every day, this little village of people are so happy and live such simple lives, none of the distractions we face in the States every day. Yet at the same time life is hard. No task is easy. We face daily challenges of preparing meals which can take hours. Doing laundry is no simple task. Even shopping for basic needs can mean going to several different places to purchase things. I look at their life and think it is a challenge each day and they just look at it as that is the way life is and go on their happy way. God continues to teach me contentment in whatever place I am in.

Today, there was no school, but the older kids showed up to do an all-school clean up. They cleaned every class room and the lunch room. The boys took cart loads of broken bricks we had left over from the lunch room construction and took them down the road to fill in the many ruts created by the rain. I am proud of our kids and their willing hearts to serve their community and school!!!! I look forward to next week and getting back into a regular school routine after the last two weeks of exams.

We have started working on the second story of Sanu and Senti’s home where I live. Our goal is to provide two dorm style bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms (one for men and one for women) a small kitchen and an extra meeting space in the middle. These extra rooms will allow us to house people coming for short term mission projects. Right now, there is only my bedroom and bath to provide for an extra guest, so we all bunk up in the same room (good times😊)

Currently, this is being funded by myself and Sanu, so any extra help with funding would be deeply appreciated. If you would like to help you can send money to my account number 40-108 at First Baptist Church, but make sure you say it is for the dorm rooms.


  1. God was so good in our travels, he opened doors all along the way.

  2. Emma and I both made a quick adjustment to the new time line with very little jet lag.

  3. The first Sunday School Class was a big success 54 kids showed up to hear about Jesus. Emma and Vikash did a great job!


  1. For endurance in all the heat and humidity until it starts to cool down in the weeks ahead.

  2. For my finances. I have been behind in my support this summer.

  3. Donations towards the addition on the house I call home in India.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and financial support, I could not continue to do this work if I did not have prayer warriors at home lifting me up to the throne each and every day.

If you would like to contribute to our ministry. No gift is too small! Your donations go far in India!

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