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Fantastic Fall!

I cannot believe October is over and we are starting our last month in India for this trip. It seems like we just got here and now we are making plans to return home. It has been a busy month full of adventures and lots of learning.

We started out the month with Emma’s 19th birthday party. We had so much fun going to town to shop for party decorations and food. We got to experience some of the most unique shops in Dimapur. Finding them was not for the weak of heart. We went down dark small alleys full of people, and lots of little shops. It was a new experience of shopping for both Emma and I, but we loved it!! Emma found some fun flower streamers she wanted to use for decorations. She found out they really were for people to buy to take to the Hindu temples, when they went to worship. One shop owner refused to sell them to her when he found out they were for a birthday party and not worship. No problem, someone else was happy to sell them to her. Then she bought lunch for all the teachers to celebrate.

The next week was Jonathan’s 7th birthday. As you can see the first two weeks of Oct were filled with fun and birthday cake! While we were celebrating Jonathan’s birthday, across the road at Robi’s house, his pig was busy delivering 8 little piglets. We have had so much fun watching them grow.

The middle of October, Emma and I attended the Nepali Youth Conference in Dimapur at a conference ground. It was so great to see several hundred young people committed to Christ and excited about growing their faith.

I spoke on Sunday afternoon. We loved meeting the young people as well as the other speakers at the conference. It was fun to connect with Bashu Prasai, our main speaker for the conference. He is from Nepal, but lives in Seattle Washington. We had such a good time just enjoying someone who was missing a good cup of coffee and some In and Out Burgers. We will definitely be staying in touch!!

October 17th brought us exciting news that my 5th great grandchild was born, Amelia Rose Mari’. She arrived a few weeks early and surprised us all. She is such a sweet bundle of joy to all of us. We cannot wait to hold this wonderful blessing, when we return. I am so happy for Matthew and Chelsea Lewis, Chelsea’s parents Ann and Dennis and Lori and Mike Lewis.

We had the fun experience of elephants. One evening we heard gun shots and men running with flames throwers toward the jungle behind Robi’s house. Turns out 10 elephants were back there in the rice paddies looking for food. The men were making sure they did not come into our village. For the most part the elephants are just looking for food and are not interested in us. As much as Emma wanted to see an elephant, we did not want to see them coming through our yards. We still hear shots and the villagers yelling to keep them away most nights.

We have loved going to school everyday and spending time with our little nursery kids. Or as Emma calls them “her babies.” They are so much fun and so full of energy that most days we go home looking forward to our afternoon rest time. We are going to miss them so very much when we leave, and I know they will miss us.

Emma has been teaching the 3-5 graders how to dance like a Texan. It has been so much fun to see not only the children enjoy it but the teachers as well. You may have seen the video I posted of our headmaster learning the two- step. They will perform this dance for their parents on November 13th for Children’s day! She also has been teaching them to sing with hand motions the Matt Redman song, 10,000 Reasons. I love hearing our kids praising the Lord in song. I was in the lunch room getting ready for the lunch group when I heard the kids singing and practicing all on their own. Nothing better than kid’s voices singing, Praise The Lord Oh My Soul!

Thanks to Silus Thapa and Bashu who did great research, we found the cutest, coffee shop, Nagaland Coffee Shop! It is new to Dimapur and I pray it is a great success. The lattes are great!! We found ourselves relaxing the minute we walked in the door. It is air conditioned and they play soft Christian music. On Saturday night they have mini Christian concerts. Plus, they also serve some great food. Sanu and Emma said the beef hamburger was the “best ever”, the French Fries were great and the red velvet muffin was to die for! We have found our new hang out spot!!

We celebrated National Hand Washing Day, this month also. It is an important lesson for the kids to learn since all the eating is done with your right hand here. We have regular clean hand inspection during opening session in the morning and extensive hand washing before lunch. With water at a premium here not all children have been taught the importance of clean hands and body.

Yesterday was such a special day!!! I had the privilege of passing on the original church building that FBC Lodi helped build back in 2006 in Lahorjian, Assam. A new church has been built and so we gave the old one to Martha Simmons Memorial School, the church sits on the same property as the school. I am so happy to know the school will be used in the education of future children.

In just a few short days, Emma and I will go to Nepal to spend some time with Pastor Ramon and his wife, Asha. We are looking forward to being together with them before we head home. I will also be speaking at a women’s conference there for two days. Please pray with me for the 5 messages I will be presenting during that time.

The new lunch tables and benches arrived today, and our older students were so happy to not have to sit at the kids table any longer. We have great tables and benches for the older kids to enjoy.

We are also just about finished with the additional projects we started. The water feature is just about done, which will be great! We will have inside running water for drinking water. We also have added 5 new support posts to the front of the building for extra support for the second story. We have had a few mild earthquakes over the years and feel we needed to add extra support for safety.

I want to give a special Thank You to my sister in law, Elaine Alexander Wickford Baptist Church in Wickford Rhode Island for putting together a great concert fundraiser for the school. All of us at Grace English School Thank you and everyone who contributed their time and talents towards the generous gift to the school!!

We have reached a stopping place on the future construction of our second story of the house I live in. We are praying for the finances to finish this addition, so we can once again have teams come to see what is happening at the school. If you would like to help with this project you can send money to my account and say it is for the special project.

This has been such a special trip for me. I have watched my granddaughter fall in love with everything India. I have been blessed to do ministry alongside her. She steps up and joins in at every level. We will both cherish these last month’s together forever.

I have asked Emma to share some of her thoughts from this trip also.

Hello, it’s Emma here! I have learned, experienced, and fell in love with so many things here. “My babies” are worth everything! They are constantly full of energy, but they love to learn and make a game out of everything! Doing artsy things with all of the kiddos has been such a joy of mine. Whether that’s drawing, coloring, dancing, singing, or just giving them new stickers to choose from! The fun things we have brought with us from America is definitely rocking their little worlds and helping them to dream big! I have also found so much love in all the natural beauty here. I love nature and I LOVE animals! So, you can imagine my tears of happiness when random dogs come up to me, when I get to catch and hold baby goats in our yard, and watch Lakhi and Robi’s naughty piglets run through the yard with their tiny baby legs! The trees, the flowers, the different grasses, and the swarms of lightning bugs, butterflies, and dragonflies are all so pretty and I love to just sit outside, take it all in, read and have my alone time. All the quirky things about this place are so genuinely cool and so interesting to learn about; the way the house is ran, how animals walk wherever they want, hearing gun shots and fire crackers to scare off the elephants, the way kids and adults act around each other and even the way things are built. It has been complete cultural shock and adjustment, but it has been the most amazing thing to be a part of and learn about every day. And most of all, the love I have found here with the school, and our little families here has been the greatest; I have received so much love from both Robi and Sanu’s family and it has filled my heart. Being away from home has been a huge change and challenge, but I'm so thankful for the relationships I have created here with the kids, the dads, and my Indian mommies!

As we finish up our time here now I have so much to be thankful for;

1. Our time here has been wonderful and productive

2. We have had some great times with our India families

3. The Lord has supplied all of our needs and been faithful to us each day

4. Emma adjusted to India with ease and joy

5. Finding the Nagaland Coffee Shop in Dimapur, it is run by Christians, plays great music and serves great coffee! It brings a little bit of home to us every time we go

As we plan our trip home we have some prayer request;

1. We have several plan trips over the next couple of weeks, please pray for good connections and that all our luggage is where is needs to be

2. For the Women’s conference in Nepal, as I prepare 5 messages

3. Saying good-bye is always hard!! We look forward to being home but feel like there is so much more to do, that we want to stay longer

4. Please pray for us as we adjust to the United States again. It is always a culture shock to go from this jungle village with simple needs to our busy life back home

5. Pray for Emma as she will now being making decisions on her future back home

6. For me as I will be making plans to return to the school in 2019

7. For my support to continue to come in to meet my needs both here in India and at home

8. For the finances to finish the second story apartment at the home here in the village

I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and financial support, I could not continue to do this work if I did not have prayer warriors at home lifting me up to the throne each and every day.

If you would like to contribute to our ministry. No gift is too small! Your donations go far in India!

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