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I am leaving you with a gift, peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is

a gift the world cannot give. So, don't be troubled or afraid.

John 14:27

This has been an interesting 6 months. When this journey started in January, the Lord told me it would be a time of “Patient Endurance” that has been so true. I have had to be patient at times when I really wanted answers now, times when all I wanted to do was hide under the covers and pretend everything was well with the world. But then I would have some quite time with the Lord and he would assure me he had everything under control, and I could trust him. He promised me the gift of peace. Can’t think of a better gift right now.

I have completed my last chemo treatment and am relieved to move onto the next phase of treatment. The Lord blessed me with a great Dr. and an amazing office staff. It sounds strange, but I did look forward to seeing them each week. It was such a blessing talking to others who were on their own cancer journey. God can put us in unique and new places to be used to fulfill His Kingdom plans.

The next phase of my treatment begins in July. Meantime my body gets to rest from the chemo and renew its strength. I’m also looking forward to reading again, which has been a challenge these last 6 months with “chemo brain.” And getting my taste buds and appetite back to normal will be a big bonus. Hopefully I can connect with some of you over coffee or lunch.

August 13th is the date set for the mastectomy, followed by 35 rounds of radiation, so that means several months of treatment still ahead, but I am so thankful for the peace that God has given me through this entire journey.

Just in case you are wondering…Yes! during these past 6 months I have still maintained contact with our school in India. We are just about finished with the chapel/multipurpose room and the new bathroom for our students. Currently, the students have finished their final exams for this semester and are now on summer break. It’s VERY HOT in India right now and it’s also the rainy season, which brings challenges with keeping the electricity on and travel. The roads in our village are comprised of mud, rock, mud and more rock, making any travel whether by foot, car or motorcycle a challenge. Let’s just say I don’t miss the heat, travel or the roads but my Indian family, teachers and the darlin' students still tug at my heart daily

Daily life can be challenging in India. If it’s not the crazy heat or monsoon rain, it’s the lack of resources. One of our teachers’ names is Raju, he is a young Dad with a beautiful family. He has a precious 18-month-old daughter named Princy. She had an awful fall leaving her with a broken shoulder. The local doctor tried setting it and fixing it without surgery, but she just had an X-ray and her bones are not joining like they should thus requiring surgery that they can't afford. It makes me so sad to think of so many that do not have proper health care especially since I clearly understand the benefits of proper medical intervention that I receive here in the States.

I dream of us one day having a medical assistance program or insurance for our staff and family, they give so much serving our school. We pay them well (according to Indian standards) but still less than 20% of all Indians are covered under a health insurance plan and we certainly have not been able to afford it for our staff, at least not yet. In rural India, 86% of the population is not insured, and 82% of the urban population remains uninsured. Especially the more impoverished people do not have health insurance. Many poor people are unaware or have not been able to navigate the administrative procedures to enroll in the Government programs. Health costs can quickly exceed the average income and savings of families and rural Indians often borrow money to pay hospital bills. As a result, millions of Indians have gone deeply into debt due to health care costs which can push them further into poverty.

The stark differences between life in India and here are often shocking to my system. I must remind myself that through the support and help of so many caring people we are doing so much good. The students and their families benefit greatly from their free education and our teachers are truly devoted to their jobs and the mission of the school, but their always seems like more we can do to share the love of Christ. Please join me in praying for Princy.


1. God’s continued peace these past 6 months of treatment.

2. Still being able to minister to those in India from a long distance away.

3. So grateful for all the continued prayers, financial support and encouragement from so many around the country and world.

4. My tumor is shrinking. The chemo did its job.

5. God continuing to supply my needs.


1. For wisdom in the days ahead as I make decisions about my treatment.

2. For finances for Sanu, our property manager at school, who needs a bigger and better car. Sanu oversees all the supplies we need for school and uses his personal car to do this job. That includes all the food and any school supplies or needs we have. He also overseas all of the construction projects on the school grounds. If you would like to help in any way, you can let me know.

4. We are still praying for finances to continue with the addition to Sanu’s home, which would give us room for ministry teams to visit and double as a studio apartment for me.

5. For clear direction as I look forward to returning to India, most likely the first of 2020.

6. Continued financial support.

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