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Answers Before We Pray!


This verse has struck home to me recently as I thought about all the ways God has answered prayers for Grace English School and myself. It was a summer full of unexpected blessings from God. What a comfort to know our Heavenly Father knows and answers our prayers before we even speak them.

We were able to return to school last winter for a few months. Just long enough for our fifth-grade students to finish their schooling at Grace English School. We had a farewell party for them and gave them their graduation certificates. That was such a blessing not only for our students, but our teachers were able to send the class off feeling like they had done their best to prepare them for the next school they would be attending.

The first day of our next semester we had everything ready to go. We had all the books, uniforms, and school supplies when we got word, that schools were closing again due to the Delta Variant. That meant we were back to distance learning and the teachers had to individually prepare each student's work and hand deliver it to each home so they could continue to learn. We are so grateful for our staff and their continued commitment to our students. They have faired well because of the excellent job they continue to do each day.

Even though our campus was closed, God continued to bless and provide time and money for us to complete several needed projects. We updated the teachers’ bathrooms, hooked up the water tanks for the lunchroom and bathrooms, and installed the beautiful new playground equipment (detailed in last months newsletter).

We have also been able to complete two more food distributions to our students’ families. Unfortunately, everything has gone up in price and with so many of our families out of work it was hard for them to be able to feed their families. The Lord has provided above and beyond what we could have hoped for and even before we asked, consequently we have been able to give the families enough food to last for about a month each time.

The most exciting news I must tell you is still to come! School will open Tuesday, October 19th! We are excited to resume classes and are praying everything stays open and everyone stays healthy.

Most of you know I have been anxious to return to our school campus in Assam, India. Today I heard that the government of India is planning to open the country to tourist November 31st. I get excited about that thought and at the same time hold it loosely until I get a final word that it really is going to open. God’s timing will be the perfect and I trust Him completely.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my time at home and look forward to spending time with my good friend Sandi for a few weeks in Florida and then in November I am excited to attend my granddaughter Emma’s wedding in Texas. I am looking forward to quality time with my family there before I head back to India hopefully after the holidays.


1. Our school will soon be open, and our students can be on the campus and will be able to enjoy the beautiful playground for the first time.

2. Sanu, our property manager had successful kidney stone removal surgery last month and is doing great.

3. The Lord has continued to abundantly bless the school even during this challenging time.

4. For all of you who continue to support myself and Grace English School with prayer and financial support.


1. For India to open on November 31st so I can make plans to return after the first of the year.

2. For continued strength during my busy time of travel the next couple of months.

3. For my finances as I make plans to return to India.

4. Continued health for staff/children.

5. For the Learning to Hope Board as we pray and plan for future expansion of Grace English School.

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