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Brighter futures ahead!

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8

Hello from India again. Yes, I am still here, and still in semi-lockdown. Some stores are open, but there is not much to choose from since they have not allowed trucks to move and transport many goods. Sanu and Senti had to go to 8 different locations to get basic food supplies. Unfortunately, many are price gauging for basics like food, gasoline and necessary supplies. This makes life terribly difficult for the average Indian family.

The trains are not accepting travelers and even though the domestic airports are open the flights are extremely limited. The International airports are still closed, they were supposed to open July 15th, but the Government decided to push that out to the 31st. I am praying things open on the 31st and I can finally fly home. I have limited medications and have Doctors’ appointments that I need to get home for. Praise God, yesterday Sanu was able to go to the private Christian Hospital in Dimapur and get me a 30-day supply of medications that I needed. I was down to the last 5 days of necessary medications.

All schools including ours are still closed. There was talk of them opening maybe in August, but the feeling is most likely they will not open for the elementary age children. So, in the meantime we are making plans for a future school opening. From what I hear, families in the United States are also still trying to figure out how to educate the children and keep them safe at the same time.

Friday, we had our fourth food distribution for our school children’s families.And several close neighbors. Our village is extremely poor for the most part and it is difficult to travel and find food. And many are still out of work. I am so happy that we can continue to do this for our families and all because of the generosity of so many of you.

I am happy to say we have finally settled some difficult issues with our former Headmaster and his wife and are pleased to announce our new Headmaster Raju. We are looking forward to a fresh start with him! He is a wonderfully energetic, and creative Christian man filled with many new ideas that should prove to enhance the school. He was promoted from his teaching position into this new role and we feel quite confident in his leadership abilities. The entire community and our staff are very pleased with the LTH Board's decision to promote him.

With the dismissal of our previous Headmaster and his wife and the promotion of Raju that left us needing two new teachers. We are busy reviewing resumes from prospective teachers. We have discovered that many people want to teach at Grace English School, because of its good reputation. It is difficult to offer anyone a job when you do not know when school will start, but we know that in God’s timing he will provide the right teacher.

It is VERY HOT AND VERY HUMID here right now. This is the first time I have stayed this long in India and I am beginning to understand what they mean when they say it gets Hot!! With the heat comes the almost daily rains. Which in turn brings out all the strange bugs that seem to enjoy tormenting me. Last night I put on my nightgown that hangs on the back of my bathroom door. I felt something on my neck and when I brushed my neck a BIG BLACK FLYING ROACH flew off my neck. I did manage to kill it after chasing it around the bathroom for a while. I am getting quite good at killing bugs. This is a talent I will not miss when I return home.

I also had the joy of giving the wedding blessing recently at the wedding party of one of our staff member’s daughter’s wedding. I have loved getting to participate in this culture that is so different from ours. It's such a comfort to realize that even amidst this pandemic life has managed to go on with a hope for brighter futures ahead. I pray the same is true for you and your families!


1. I am thankful that God has spared our village from Covid-19. So far only two very mild cases and they were able to stay home and recover.

2. Thankful that we can supply food to our families who need it.

3. Thankful for our Grace English School staff who give of their time and energy to come and pack up food supplies for families and then come back the next day to hand it out.

4. Thankful that I get to see some of the children who will come with their parents to pick up food. Oh, how I miss them!!

5. Sanu and his family that have taken me in and treat me as family, worry about me, care for me and encourage me when I get down.

6. Thankful for each of you who have continued to support with prayer and finances during this difficult time.


1. That the airports will open on the 31st so I can come home.

2. For continued strength and endurance during this hot and humid weather.

3. For families in a village not far from me that lost all the homes in the village due to electric wires sparking and setting the bamboo homes on fire. Everything was burned to the ground. Now they need prayer as they try to figure out their future.

4. Pray for the pastors in these villages who are trying to still minister to their congregations during this time. Online church is not an option for them.

5. Prayer as I travel home. With all the new rules and regulations involved with travel today it can be a challenge. Prayer for my connections to go smoothly. and I stay healthy with all stops I will need to make.

6. For my continued prayer and financial support during my time at home this summer.

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