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Carol and Donna Go Back to School

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the Kingdom of heaven belong to such as these. Matthew 19:14

February is quickly coming to a close, it is hard to believe that Donna and I have been here a month. It has been great having Donna Bennett with me this month, it has been such a delight to see her enjoying her time with the staff and children and so much has already happened this first month.


We enjoyed helping out with Sports week. The children love all the races and competition between the teams and it was a day filled with so much laughter and joy.

We went to several street markets, one of Donna’s favorite things to do! The many unusual food options, including a variety of bugs and animals always made each trip hilarious and startling at the same time.

Donna took several long walks around the village with the Sanu’s children, each time getting very well acquainted with our little village and its families.

We helped in the Nursery and class A with Senti and Lahki. I loved going to school the first day and having children remember me from a year ago, call out and say Hi Babo, (grandma) getting re-acquainted and introducing Donna.

Donna really wanted to share with our host family some American games. She taught Sanu’s children how to play Skip Bo and Mexican Train Dominos, and they loved the chance to learn something new. The games will be friendly reminder of her each time they play them.

We took trips to Dimapur several times taking in the local shopping and the Nagaland Coffee Shop, which has great coffee and even serves hamburgers, giving us a reminder of home.

Donna had the thrill of being invited to a local wedding and had dinner with one of village families. This is a chance of a lifetime to see the cultural uniqueness to an Indian wedding. What a memory!

We celebrated my birthday at Sanu and Senti’s house with the teachers from school.

Another rewarding moment was when gave the children their backpacks from First Baptist Church of Wickford, Rhode Island. It was a blessing to see one young man stop on his way out of school and take all his books from his old dirty backpack and fill up his new backpack.

During her last week here, we were busy having last minute dinners with friends. And farewell party for Donna at school.

Donna and I left on the 27th for Kolkata, before she headed home to the US. We enjoyed going to Connexions, it is a special place in the slums of Kolkata, that gives women an opportunity to work from home, by hand sewing things from used cotton saris. They make beautiful blankets and throws also, purses, jackets, coasters and beautiful cards. We had fun shopping for sure.

We then went to lunch and had true Bengal food. After lunch we went to see the Queen Victoria Memorial park, and then on to Mother Teresa’s memorial. A busy day for sure. Sunday evening Donna headed to the airport and home.

I left the following day for Nepal. I deeply enjoyed my time with Pastor Raman and Asha Thapa. I attended the 25th Jubilee for the Nepal Women’s Association. 300 women from all over Nepal attended, on Wednesday morning I found out the committee had made a mistake and now they were going to be one workshop leader short for the afternoon session. They asked if I could do a workshop on Women and Mental health. WOW nothing like a big topic on short notice. I was up for the challenge so after lunch a friend of the keynote speaker and I went upstairs to the office and put together a 1 1/2 hour workshop. Thank you, Lord, for giving us even more material than we could use. We finished the evening with an enjoyable time of Nepali dancing. Thursday, we headed back to Assam to get ready for school this coming week.


1. Donna stayed healthy and enjoyed all the food, she likes spice.

2. Things are going great at school.

3. The teachers are such a blessing, when I see them interacting with the children.

4. We got to give each student a new backpack as a gift.

5. For each one of you who have prayed and given financially. I would not be here without it.


1. For my continued strength, and energy now that it is starting to get warmer each day.

2. For my financial needs to continue to be met.

3. For continued healing for Raju, our teacher who has kidney stones, but still comes each day to teach.

4. That our children come to understand how much God loves them!

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