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To all you prayer warriors out there, we need prayer for Sanu, our property manager at Grace English school in Assam India. He has worked for us for over 10 years and is a valuable and intricate part of our team. He is the father of the family I stay with when I go to India. Unfortunately, he was in a terrible accident last week. He was hit head on by a commercial truck. His car is completely destroyed, but by God’s grace he miraculously survived. No broken bones, but whiplash and severe chest pain, arm pain and hand pain.

Unfortunately, the truck driver ran away and abandoned his truck. The truck had false license plates, so the police are having a hard time finding the owner of the truck. It was most likely a stolen truck.

Sanu also found out the so called “good car insurance” he had on his car was actually NOT so good. The insurance value declines over the years you own your car. In his case 18 months. Currently his insurance only covers him if he hit someone, but his car is NOT covered if someone hits him and none of his hospital bills are covered either. So far, his hospital bill has cost him $600.00, and he will most likely need more treatments. He is scheduled for a MRI next week, that will cost him about $150.00. I am expecting his bills to mount up to at least 1,000. For us here in America this seems like nothing but in India this is 3-4 months’ salary.

Unfortunately, his car is not paid for so he will still need to continue to pay for it even though it has been totaled. Leaving him with a 10,000 debt! He can sell it for scrap metal, which will bring him about $450.00. All around just such a sad situation. I know all of us have faced similar difficult times and can relate to Sanu’s experience. We are very grateful he survived and are so blessed that God was watching over Sanu and protecting him from possibly a much worse situation.

I am asking each of you to lift Sanu and his family, up in prayer for healing and peace as he walks through these difficult days ahead.

If you feel the Lord is encouraging you to help financially, feel free to click on the Give Send Go link below. Even the smallest amount can be a significant help and encouragement and will be deeply appreciated by him and his family. (this is considered a gift and unfortunately is NOT tax deductible) Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Thanks so much for sending up a prayer for him and his family (below is a photo of me with Sanu, his wife Senti, Sanu's Father and their two children Jonah and Grace).

All for HIS Glory,


2 Samuel 22:32-34 For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.

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