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After being gone 6 months and 5 of them on Lockdown in India, I am finally home for a few months. Or at least until they let me back in.

This is the first time I have spent any time in India during the summer months. T

his is the rainy season so that meant getting to know new bugs, and yes even a snake in my bathroom one day. Fortunately, Sanu was working in my bathroom and spotted it before I did. He was able to kill it and dispose of it. Rumor has it, it was a very venomous and deadly snake! Eeeekkkkkkk! Praise God he found it before I did, that would not have ended well.

Since the school was closed, we had to be creative with our distance learning. Most of our students do not have access to the internet or computers so that meant hand delivering 120 class assignments through-out the village. This week the teachers are handing out class notes for the students to review in preparation for their exams which will be the week of October. The teachers will go to the student’s homes to give them their exams in person. I continually thank God for the dedicated teachers He has blessed our school with.

Next week we will do our 4th food drive for our students and their families. The government has once again put extremely strict rules in place prohibiting people from moving about. Most street markets are closed and the few stores that are open have very little on the shelves. Many of families are still out of work, so providing for their families is a big challenge. I am grateful to all of you who so generously give to the school so that we can provide for those who need it most.

We were able to have a party with our school staff to celebrate our new Headmaster Raju and a chance to be together one more time before I left for the States. Lots of good food! A special treat of Kentucky Fried Chicken, MoMo, Chow, and of course Cake and Ice Cream. It was quite a sneaky operation to get all of this home…lol! We had not had such a "fancy meal" in many months. Of course there was a lot of tears as we said goodbye. I miss them all already and look forward to returning, hopefully by the first of next year if the situation in India will allow me to do so.

It was quite the journey returning home. I found out a few days before I left that I was going

to be on a repatriation flight. That meant I needed to prove I was an American citizen who needed to return home. It also required I get a medical release from a Dr saying I did not have Covid19. So, Sanu and I headed off to the local hospital to get the paperwork filled out. Praise God we got the paperwork! On Monday, the 27th I started for home. First stop was the police station to get permission to enter Dimapur where the airport is. Dimapur is on complete lockdown and was not allowing anyone to leave or enter. Again! Praise God! We got permission to go. I thought I was arriving at the airport incredibly early, but because of the monsoon rains this time of year, they had moved my flight up to an earlier time but had not informed me. Again, Praise God for Sanu feeling we needed to head out early. I flew to Kolkata and spent Monday night in a hotel. The next morning, I left for New Delhi, that was a long day, two flights with a 5-hour layover in between them. I then spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and all-day Thursday in my hotel room. None of the restaurants were open in the hotel, so everything was done by room service. This meant downloading the Room Service menu to my phone from the TV so I could call and order my meals. On Thursday night the 30th I left for the airport for my flight at 2:55am, Friday the 31st. The first leg of the flight was to Frankfurt, Germany with a 6-hour layover ending with a 10-hour flight to San Francisco and home!

Even though this was a long week of travel, I was able to see how God provided for me repeatedly. I can honestly say I had complete peace and contentment the whole time. Even with all the little hiccups and crazy requirements needed to fly. I knew I was not alone, and that God was going before me all the way. I am now home, spending my time quarantining, finding a new routine, and adjusting to the new way of living during Covid here in the US.


1. I was able to finally return home for a few months.

2. I praise God that I saw his care for me repeatedly during my time in India.

3. I praise God we have been able to care for our students and families during this difficult time.

4. Thankful to all of you who have continued to give generously to Grace English School.

5. I praise God for all your prayers and financial support this past six months.


1. For Raju our new headmaster at school, as he figures out how to run the school with all the new rules and regulations.

2. For our school to be able to open soon.

3. For the families in our village to continue to be safe from the virus.

4. For me as I continue to meet with the staff in India long distance with a 13 1/2-hour time difference.

5. For my finances to continue to be met while I am at home.

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