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“I know the Lord is always with me, I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.”

John 16:8 NLT

(Carol and Donna pouring over all the details)

I can hardly believe it; it has been 19 months since I was last in India. I was sure when I left in July of 2020 that I would be returning by the fall of that year like I always did. I just knew that Covid would be done and gone and life as we knew it would be back. But of course, we all know that did not happen, I instead spent a lot of time on the phone and messaging with my team in India. Our school as well as most schools around the world were closed and a new form of learning began for students everywhere.

Today I am excited to say India has finally opened the borders to international tourist travel. They even offered free E-visas to tourist. They come with restrictions, I can only stay for 30 days, my 10-year visa is on hold now. I am hoping things continue to improve and I will be able to start staying longer when I hopefully return in the fall.

I will be leaving March 1st and returning home March 30th. My friend Donna will be traveling with me again. She came with me in 2020 and we had a very fruitful time!

The children are all back in school and we can start our new school year. The children and teachers are glad to be in school again. We are excited to add sixth grade this year. Our fifth graders from last year are happy they do not have to change schools. We look forward to wonderful year of learning and growing. We are thrilled to be able to share Jesus and His love once again, with the students and their families.

I look forward to sharing my time in India with all of you while I am there. Donna and I covet your prayers as we make all the last min details before we leave.


1. I am finally getting to return to India even if it is only for a month this time.

2. The children are back in school!!!!!

3. Everyone has stayed healthy during this time.

4. The Lord continues to supply the needs of the school.

5. I praise God for all the prayers and financial support all from everyone for the school and myself.


1. For focus in the next few days as we make final preparations for our trip

2. For giving to continue strong as we look forward to more expansion at the school since we will be adding 6th ,7th & 8th grades.

3. For my support to build since I will be heading back to the school.

4. For everything to go smooth when we go through Immigration in India.

5. For all our connections to go smoothly during our trip.

6. That God will be Glorified in our time in the village.

7. For a sweet time of renewal with Sanu and his family where we will be staying.

8. For quality time with the staff at the school.

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