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“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7

I cannot believe it is the end of April and we are still in Lock-down, as we call it in India. We are not to leave our homes except for necessities. We have no planes, trains, buses or even rickshaws moving. Our Street Markets are closed, so it is hard to find fresh vegetables and fruit, which leaves us eating rice, dahl, and small amounts of pork and eggs. We had a real treat when Kumar and Sanu recently were able to make Momo, it is so delicious, and we were all incredibly grateful!

I pray that all of you are doing well in this very difficult time in our world. The whole world is focused on the same thing. WHEN WILL THIS COVID-19 BE OVER?

This has been a very strange trip for me in many ways. When I arrived in February, I had no idea my time here would take such a drastic turn. Around the 16th of March we got word from the Education Department that our schools would be closed until March 31. Little did we know we would still be on Lock-down on April 30, and not sure when things will open again.

I am thankful the village I live in, Assam, has been spared any virus. But of course, it has still had a devastating effect on our school children’s families. I am so grateful for the generous gift from First Baptist Church of Lodi, CA. We were able to buy enough food to supply each one of our 96, school families with enough food for two weeks.

Our teachers all managed to make it to school that day, the police were kind enough to let the two from out of the village travel into the school. We all chipped in to make up the food packages for the families. The government has been giving out small portions of rice and dahl, we were able to give a large amount of rice, dahl, cooking oil, salt, a flat of 30 eggs, cookies and some soap. It was such a good time for our team to see each and all work for the same goal. Yes, we all wore our face masks and tried to keep our social distancing.

Our families all expressed deep gratitude for the food. We even had some food packages left over and so we shared with those in our neighborhood who are having an exceedingly difficult time. One sweet young lady shared that her husband had passed three months ago, and she was all alone. It was extremely humbling to have the women get down and kiss my feet (which is a cultural thing to do). One of the ladies told me, “You are the feet of Jesus to Me”. What a joy to be the feet of Jesus to those sweet families because of the generosity of those back home in the States. If the Lock-down continues, we will do this again. This was certainly was one of the highlights of my trip so far, and an experience I will never forget.

We also made some big changes at school since I arrived. Under some unfortunate circumstance we had to let our previous Headmaster and His wife go. This was certainly not an easy Board decision and one that was personally heartbreaking for me, since I had built a strong relationship with their family. But the good news is the Lord has provided a new Headmaster that we look forward to working with. His name is Raju. Most of you have heard me talk about him and his family over the last few years he has been on staff as one of our teachers. Raju finished his degree in primary education and administration this past year. He loves Jesus with all his heart and has a desire for our children to not only get a good education but to learn more about Jesus. Grace English School is truly blessed with a wonderful team right now and I am excited for this Lock-down to be over so we can get back to school and see all the children learning again. I am hoping that the next newsletter will be filled with news of all the things happening at school.

Highlight of my day is when we gather in the living room as a family to sing, read scripture and pray together for our needs and the needs of the world. Last night Joshua, our next-door neighbor and a teacher at school, came over to practice with the kids for a special number on Sunday. We ended up having an amazing time of worship as a family.

We have church at home, like most of you. Our school cook, her husband who is our maintenance man, come over and Joshua and his wife and daughter also come. They all live close by so it is nice to have them share in our time or worship and teaching. It has proven to be a sweet time praying for each other and I have the privilege to share a devotion each week.


1. Our village has stayed virus free.

2. All our needs have been met.

3. We were able to supply food to all the school children’s families.

4. We have a new Headmaster for Grace English School

5. We had enough food left over to supply some families in the village.

6. For all of you who have so generously prayed and given to the ministry. It is what keeps me going every day.


1. Sanu, our property manager has kidney stones. And is not allowed into Dimapur for the care he needs.

2. That the domestic and international airports will open so Sanu can go to Nepal for help with his kidney stones.

3. Also, for Sanu’s brother Kumar to be able to travel soon so he can return to his family in Siliguri. He came for a weekend visit and got caught in the Lock-down.

4. I am hoping to come home the middle of June if all the airports that I must travel though will allow me in. Right now, I have a two-hour layover in Singapore, but they are not letting transfer people into the airport.

5. Please continue to pray for me here in India and for my support during this unusual time.

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