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Playground and Pandemic

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.” Hebrews 13:16 NLT

This week, one year ago I started my weeklong journey home from India after being in quarantine for 6 months due to Covid19. I’m grateful to have made it home but I deeply miss being with my India family and the students!

While I have been gone the staff has completed a long-awaited wish list. We are so pleased to announce the school now has a playground! As I told you in my last newsletter, we were finally able to afford to purchase playground equipment thanks to Grace Point Church in Lodi. It was a struggle to get it installed during lockdown, but the staff persevered and was able to get it accomplished! Once the school opens back up it will be ready for the children, and we can’t wait to see their excited faces. This a big answer to prayer. We have dreamed and prayed for several years to be able to give our children a playground. Thank you, Lord!

This has certainly been a challenging year for all of us, this past spring India was feeling like they had made great progress in conquering the virus. Then the Delta Variant raised its ugly head and has been hitting India extremely hard for several months now. One of our teacher’s nieces passed away this past week from Covid, the family lives on the same property as two of our teachers and next door to Sanu, the family I stay with in India. Sanu’s brother’s father-in-law, also passed away this week from Covid.

I stay in constant contact with our staff at Grace English School and thankfully none of them have contracted the virus and we praise God for His protection!

The sad part is, in the government process of protecting people from the spread of the disease, many of the parents of our school children have lost all employment. Prices are soaring and supplies are very limited. Most people can’t even leave the village to get supplies if any were to be found. This is causing extreme hardship on the family. Most struggle to be able to feed the family and medical care is a luxury most cannot afford.

Also, this is the monsoon time in India, and they are experiencing severe rains and wind. Sanu had some of the brick wall blown down by the wind and rain and even had some flooding in their home, fortunately Sanu has a strong brick home, but many other families who live in bamboo homes, have lost their homes due to the weather. They are often without power, and the temperatures and humidity are both extremely high right now!

Last year our Learning to Hope Board was able to supply food for several months for 150 students and their families as well as a few local widows. We thought the village was getting back to self-sufficiency but with current lockdowns we feel it is time to share with our families again. We have access to vehicles and wholesalers to get necessary food and supplies, but as we have been drawing on school funds to provide the food, it has put our budget under a strain. As we look forward to opening the school back up, we would like to keep the school budget allocated to school needs only but can’t turn a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis so many of our families are having to endure. Can you help us?

We hope so! We estimate 2 more months of food campaigns at a cost of only $15.00 per student/family. Please give what you can.

We have set up a Go Fund Me account if you would like to be a part of helping these families in need, see link below:



1. I am blessed to have each of you support me in both prayers and finances. I could not continue to do this ministry without each of you.

2. Even though our school is not allowed to be open our teachers have continued to supply our students with lesson plans so they can keep up with their studies and be ready when school in open again.

3. Praising God for his protection of our staff and school families.

4. For the generosity of so many who have continued to support the ministry during this time.

5. Praise God! My daughter in Texas and a couple of her friends raised enough money to repair the staff bathroom.

6. Our beautiful playground is finally up and ready for use.


1. For Joshua, one of our teachers, who has contacted TB. He will need to be on a strict regimen of meds for the next 6 months. Pray for his extended family's protection from Covid. Also, as they grieve the loss of their family member who recently passed away

2. For Raju our headmaster, who is in the process of purchasing land and still needs to raise some more money.

3. For my continued support even though I am in the US.

4. For the Delta variant to slow down so the things can open again and people can return to work and life.

5. For the international airports to open into India so I can return soon.

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