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Realize! God is at Work!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Jesus said, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.”

This verse has been a constant reminder this past year and as I head into 2021. So many things have changed and are changing. Thankfully, I am reminded that God is still in control and He is still working things out for His Glory.

Last year had many changes, starting with being in India for 6 months. It was good to be at the school during this time, because we did have some challenges that I needed to deal with. It gave me the opportunity see God provide. He also orchestrated my return home in amazing ways repeatedly!

November, I had surgery and again saw God’s provision. I had a quick recovery and was able to enjoy family time over Thanksgiving. December found me in Texas with my family that live there. It was so good to have time with each of them. I now look forward to 2021! I have NO Idea what God is going to do this year! But I am looking forward to what he has planned.

I have continued to serve our school in India from a distance. I am so grateful for email, texts, and Facetime. We stay in touch on a regular basis. I miss being there, but I know that day will come again.

We were able to help our children with distance learning this year and they ended up with good test scores at that end of the year. We are so proud of our staff and students. They excelled even amidst a very trying circumstance.

We had 7 fifth graders graduate from our school. This is a huge achievement. We will miss them but know God has great things instore for them. We were able to have special day for them and bless them each with a small gift. We also had a small Christmas gathering for all the students.

Thanks to everyone who generously gave to support Grace English School this year we were able to continue to pay our teachers each month during this difficult time and give each of them a bonus at Christmas time. I cannot thank you enough!!!!

This week our students were able to return to school! My heart is full of joy this week. The children and staff are all excited to be back. The government has put some rules in place for us to open. Each student and teacher must wear a mask. And our classes are staggered though out the week, to help with social distancing. The teachers came together for several days to clean and sanitize the entire campus, we have such a hard working staff who are willing to do whatever is necessary to get these children in school.

Our have 2 new challenges for 2021. One, we have 13 students on a waiting list. Praise God! Our reputation has begun to spread in the community, and parents would like their students to attend a school where they know the children will be safe and get a great education. Our board has a budget to cover 130 students and if we add more students, we will need to increase the budget. Second, we had to hire a new teacher this year since one of our teachers received a promotion to Headmaster. All these things are signs of growth and favor from God and we deeply appreciate all your prayers and financial support. Coming up in March we will have been without the FBC Coffee Bar funds for a year. The Coffee Bar provides such a large portion of our ministry budget and yet God has continued to provide through his faithful saints such a YOU!


1. God’s direction and provision for me this year with all the changes and challenges.

2. For a staff of dedicated teachers who love our children and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our school is a safe and welcoming environment.

3. For the support and encouragement from the villagers.

4. That I get to be a small part of what God is doing at Grace English School in Assam, India.

5. Thanks to everyone who has been so generous with your prayer and financial support this past year.


1. Raju (our Headmaster) and Sanu (our Property Manager) as they manage the day to day needs of the school. With prices of everything going up it will be a challenge to stay on budget.

2. For our staff and children to be safe from the virus.

3. For international travel to open again so I can return to India this year.

4. For continued support this year for the school.

5. For my personal support to continue, even though I am still working from home.

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