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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

The Lord gives his people strength, The Lord blesses them with peace. Psalm 29: 11b

I know it has been a little while since my last newsletter. It seems like the days slip by faster and faster these days. I cannot believe it has been one year since this Covid 19 pandemic started. I was still in India last year in March when this all started. There have been so many changes to our lifestyle since then.

During this year of the pandemic, the Lord has been my strength and peace. I had no idea 7 months ago when I returned from India that we would still be in the middle of this world-wide crisis. But during this time working from home, I have had more opportunities to enjoy family birthday parties, the holidays with friends and family which I would sometimes be away for. I have felt God’s peace even when I do not understand what the future holds as I wait on HIM to open the door for me to return to India. I know His timing is perfect and I just need to rest in His strength and peace and continue to serve the students and our staff from home.

Things seem to be opening up in India, my prayer is the airports will open by the end of the year so I can return to India. I stay in touch with everyone by face time and phone on a regular basis, but it is not the same as being there in person. I miss the children, the teachers, my friends and “family” in the village.

One thing has not changed and that is the God is still in control and still at work in my life. This has been a year of learning to trust God in times when I do not understand why, but I trust He is still working all things together for my good.

The students returned to school in February. Since we had many children on a waiting list, the LTH Board made a recent decision to increase our enrollment to 143 students which is an increase from 120. Of course, we are adhering to safe guidelines for our students and teachers. We are excited to be on campus once again and the children are thrilled!

The education department of Assam has changed the school year due to the pandemic. Consequently, this week, the students are busy taking their end of the year final exams. Then they will immediately start the next new school year in a few days! How is that for catching up!

Recently we received great news! We have been blessed with a financial gift for the students. Grace Point Church in Lodi has blessed us with a check large enough to purchase playground equipment for our school property. We have dreamed of one day having a real playground, but we had so many other pressing needs we had to keep moving it down the list. I cannot wait to see the excited faces on the children when they see this go up! We take for granted the many playgrounds we have in the U.S., but playgrounds like this are not a normal part of child’s life. This is a unique and thrilling opportunity to offer this at our school. I have placed a sample picture here of what we have ordered and it will be installed soon.

I mentioned in my last newsletter we have a new Headmaster at school. We are blessed to have a young man who cares for our students and wants to see them not only excel in class but also in a better understanding of Jesus in their life. Raju’s mother’s became sick few months ago and in order to pay for her medical expenses he had to sell his land. Praise God is mom is doing better. Raju now has an opportunity to buy another piece of land in his village. But he does not have the $4,000.00 to buy it. The man who owns the property is willing to let him put $2,750.00 down and pay the rest out. If you feel God is leading you to help Raju he would be incredibly grateful. You can contact me if you are interested in helping Raju purchase this piece of land for his family.


1. I am thankful that God has kept our teachers and children in India safe from the virus.

2. I am grateful that our children have been able to return to classes.

3. That our school will soon have a real playground to enjoy on our campus.

4. We are blessed that our giving has continued strong during this year.

5. So very thankful that even though I had a birthday in February and hit another milestone God has kept me healthy and strong and anxious to continue in ministry to India.

6. So thankful for all you who come along side our school and support us with prayers and finances. We could not do this without your support.

7. I am blessed to have each of you who support me with prayer and finances each month. Thank You!


1. I am praying Covid gets under control and the international airports open-up so I can return to India soon.

2. For Raju to be able to purchase the land for his family home.

3. For continued protection for our children and staff.

4. For my continued support to stay steady during this time of working from home.

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