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 Glory to God in the Highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on home his favor rest. Luke 2:14

I love this time of year, everyone is busy buying gifts, decorating houses and trees, and special times with special friends. This last couple of weeks have been just that for me. I have been in Texas with my family. I enjoyed two Wonderful Thanksgivings. One with my son John and family and the next week with my daughter Kristen and her family.


I had several days with John and his family; it was so much fun to be together after not seeing each other for quite a while. I was able to attend church with my granddaughter and was blessed to see her leading us in Worship that Sunday.  I also went to church with good friends Ron and Shawn Donnini, we had such a good time getting caught up over lunch. My sweet friend Sandi Meyer flew to Texas from Atlanta to spend a couple of days together. We had a great time renewing friendship with two friends we had worked with about 30 years ago.



Sandi, my daughter Kristen, her daughter Emma and I took a day trip to Waco, TX to spend the day at Magnolia, shopping and eating.

One Saturday my sister in law and I attended a wonderful Ladies Brunch at her church. As a family we celebrated my brother Ralph’s birthday and retirement from teaching. The last night before leaving I was able to celebrate Christmas with my daughter and her children. As you can see, I had a busy, but wonderful time in Texas.


I am back in Lodi and getting ready to finish up the last 5 radiation treatments to finish off my year of Cancer treatment. So grateful to God for the many ways I have seen his hand of mercy on me this past year while walking this difficult journey. I am looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my California family and friends.


The Children at Grace English School have finished their end of year exams and are all excited about Christmas just like the children here in America. Our headmaster and Property manager took our 4-5 grade students on a day trip to the park. It was a fun day of playing in the water and having a great time celebrating the end of the school year.


Our school board wishes to send out a BIG Thank You to First Baptist Church of Wickford, Rhode Island, for the generous gift to the school. We were able to buy each student a new backpack for Christmas to help them start the new year off right. We are very blessed to have so many generous people to support our children.


I want to thank each of you who have stood with me this year. I have felt your prayers and been grateful for all the financial support from each of you. I know I would not have been able to get through this year without each of you.  A special shout out to my daughter Lori who went to all the Dr. appointments with me, asking all the right questions when my chemo brain and body could not, she spent many days trying to find just the right food that would taste good to me when everything tasted like metal. So many friends came and sat with me during my treatments and even came and stayed at the house so Lori and Mike could get a break. It took an army of family and friends to get me though this year and I do not take it for granted. The last several months I have stayed with my good friends Bonnie and Phil Biddle, during my radiation treatments. We have laughed together, eaten together, (I am sure gained a few pounds together) cried together and prayed together. I could not have been more blessed.


The Doctors are giving me a clean bill of health and the go ahead to return to India. So, I am now busy looking at plane tickets and making plans to return to India in January. I look forward to returning to the school and all the students and my India family.




  • For a clean health report from my Doctors.

  • The generous Christmas gifts to our school children

  • The new multipurpose room/chapel and restrooms for the school

  • Our great school staff who show so much love to our students



  • For clear direction as I make plans to return to India

  • For safe travels back to India

  • Adjust to life in India again

  • For my financial support this year, it seems like everything is getting more expensive. I would love to have you join my support group with prayer, monthly support or a one-time gift.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!


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